Our Team

Sally Ann Spencer (South Africa)

Pain Specialist Physiotherapist

Shane Lawless (Ireland)

Sports Physiotherapist

Jordi Dinkla (Netherlands)

Manipulation Physiotherapist

Monique Ribeiro (Brazil)

Aesthetic Therapist

Revic Reyes


Jeizle Santos


Sally Ann

Sally-Ann has been qualified as a physiotherapist for over 35 years, with a passion for giving the best to her patients and her vast background of experience, she treats the person not only the pain. Her physio team is selected for their unique skills and the team approach is used for each patient with excellent results. 

Sally - Ann has worked in the UAE for over 29 years; after establishing 2 private clinics in Kwa- Zulu Natal, South Africa, she accepted a 4-year academic post at the University of Sharjah, as part of the start-up team to develop the BSc. physiotherapy degree in partnership with Mc Master University, Canada. She then lectured theory and practical for Orthopaedics, MSK and sports injuries, and during this time Became a founding member of the Emirates Physiotherapy Society (EPS) and co-authored EPS standards of practice and code of ethics. In 2005, seeing the need for an exceptional physiotherapy clinic, Sally-Ann established her Physiotherapy Centre within the grounds of the Aviation Club, a prestigious sports and fitness club. The clinic has earned a good reputation with Dubai’s best Orthopedic, Neuro and sports medicine Doctors and well respected in the Aviation industry for good physiotherapists. Annually Sally- Ann and her team are the lead physiotherapist at the Dubai tennis men’s championships and provide physio to players at the Dubai Rugby 7”s, and other international and local sports events.

Sally-Ann has been an invited speaker at several international conferences, as well as a member of conference organising and academic committees. She remains connected with the University of Sharjah as invited lecturer and examiner.

Shane Lawless

Shane is a UK qualified physio experienced in post-operative orthopaedics working in England and Ireland’s top private clinics and hospitals and physio for professional sports teams and tennis players.

Passionate about fitness and the outdoors, Shane competed in tennis representing Ireland and reaching at national level in the UK. 

Shane's shoulder hip and knee patients achieve excellent results as he combines his sports experience with sound knowledge of orthopaedic, manual therapy, manipulation and functional movement based rehabilitation to fulfil your maximum athletic performance! 

He has also completed post graduate studies of dry needling, sports kinesio taping, ergonomic work station assessments, vestibular rehabilitation and specialist treatment for chronic back and neck pain.


  • BSc Physiotherapy (UK)
  • Certified Manual Therapist (UK)
  • Certificate in Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy
  • Specialist in Sports Injuries

Professional License

  • Dubai Health Authority Member (DHA)
  • Emirates Medical Association Member (EMA)
  • Health Care Professional Council (HCPC UK)
  • Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP)

Jordi Dinkla

Jordi is a specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist skilled in orthopedic manual therapy which includes joint, spinal manipulations and deep soft tissue massage.

He uses evidence based techniques with excellent results in low back pain, neck, headaches, and shoulder pain. He includes analysis and education for lifestyle changes in his treatment approach.

He puts his passion for fitness and sport to good use when doing rehabilitation of post-op and orthopaedic / sports injuries patients. In his free time Jordi loves outdoor activities, competitive football and when younger, played baseball in the youth national championships in Holland.

He also likes to read a good book!


  • MSc Ortho Manual Therapy (Netherlands) 
  • BSc Physiotherapy ( Netherlands) 
  • Diploma McKenzie Therapy (Belgium)


Monique graduated with Bachelors degree in Physiotherapy in Brazil in 2009 and went on to complete post grad training in lymphatic drainage massage, myofascial soft tissue release and also qualified as a pilates instructor. She then entered into the interesting new field of aesthetic physiotherapy and comes to us with 5 years experience in recovery from reconstructive plastic surgery and post-surgery body aesthetics, where she used her lymphatic drainage massage techniques and scar tissue release as an integral part of the specific protocol required for functional recuperation.

Monique has a special interest in postural improvement, wellness and encouraging a healthier and fitter life style, which she incorporates into all her MSK physio sessions. 

The best beauty treatment had always been healthy habits as good quality food with a balanced diet, exercises for maintaining strong muscles to improve posture and keep the skeleton balanced, looking forward to align axis, avoiding lesions. The more balanced body you have, the less injured and happier you will be. 


  • Pilates instructor 
  • Lymphatic Drainage 
  • Aesthetic Physiotherapy - Dermato Functional 
  • Posture assessment and specific exercises prescription 
  • Good body awareness and strong core training 
  • Healthy habits and fit lifestyle advisor avoiding future injuries


Revic is the senior member of our excellent front desk administration team who together keep the clinic running smoothly- we could not do our physio work without our lovely ladies in front! Revic is brilliant at public relations and customer service having graduated in associate hotel and restaurant management from the University of San Recoletos, Cebu City Philippines.

Before joining us in May 2014 she had a solid working background in customer service, and well known by Aviation club members as she previously worked at sports reception. Revic manages a large part of our admin and is a master at juggling patient bookings to ensure the patient has the exact booking requested, this is helped by her incredible memory for names! She is very well informed of the wide network of specialist Drs we refer to and refer to us and is super knowledgeable about medical insurance details and what is required for submission.

Revic will efficiently assist you with all physio related queries.

Jeizle Santos

Jeizle is from the Philippines and has been an integral part of our wonderful front desk admin team since 2015, taking appointments, ensuring the days bookings go smoothly, answering patient questions and passing info to the physios. Jeizle is brilliant at creating our flyers, brochures and our social media postings (please do like us on face book and visit us on Instagram!), and keeps our website updated.

Jeizle is very experienced at navigating the patient through the various medical Insurance requirements, preparing all the necessary paperwork for patients and getting patients specialist Doctors bookings. She is more than happy to help you with any queries you may have!

Jeizle has a back ground working in the fitness industry and still enjoys keeping fit entering up to 10 km running events.

Patient Reviews

"Professional and amazingly skilled!! Solved my shoulder issues rapidly. 10/10"

twrichardsoncamera, a year ago

"Absolutely recommended. Couldn't be more satisfied. One of a kind!!!"

Eleni Gnr, a year ago

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